Apr. 22nd, 2009

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Hey, Lieutenant, I've got a message to pass on from Clarence:

He says Hannah's doing better, her flu's almost gone. Ethan is going to surprise her with some chicken soup. Clarence says he hopes he doesn't blow up the kitchen in the meantime. He also says there's some rifles still in Kenny's Pawn Shop over on Odell Park. Unless Ulysses got to them first, anyway. I think I need to crack some skulls around here. Especially Teddy's.

That's all he had to say, but I need a hand with something. Ashley's birthday is coming up, and I want to make sure she's taken care of. I'll be asking Shannon and Hannah what she likes, but I want to know what you think too.

Peter and Orville said they were going to go uptown to see if they can find their old skateboards for the twins, Stella and Seamus. Ishmael and Benjamin say they're going to be following them a block back for when they inevitably get their asses kicked.

Lance and Ethan told Horatio and Oswald about that casserole, and they want to come try it out. And tell you about how Maurice still thinks he has a chance with Ursula after she caught him in bed with Naomi. Colin still doesn't know about that.

Meanwhile, Uma's still waiting for Lance to find her a bike. Umeko's looking for tea, and Saunders is still whining about not wanting to die a virgin.


Why are all of our friends insane? I'd kick 'em, if, y'know, I could. Maybe I should strap a bat to my chair for beating a clue into people.


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