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Well, looks like our new crab friends are making for a booming business. Not complaining, but I've probably been a bit stingy of late.

I'll be making better deals from here on out. Call it a sale, if you want. Because I'm not completely heartless.

Stay safe out there, everybody.

Colonel, Lieutenant, I'm moving into the shop. So you won't see me around as much. The boys built me a little bunk in the back corner. So it's fine.
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Okay, calling all young and reckless heroes!

You don't want to go in unarmed, do you? Havoc Sundries has amassed an impressive armory of weapons for your crab-smashing needs. Come by before you go to the park to better your chances!

Come on, guys, I got some fun toys here. Get 'em while the gettin's good.
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Looks like I was just in time for that big party the other day. I'll leave that puzzle for people with a few more brains than I do to figure out. But in the meantime, I have a very important question for the lovely ladies of this city:

Anyone looking for a good time?

Inquire here or in person at Havoc Sundries.

Also I've been able to get my hands on a handful of chainsaws. Special discount if you use them to clear the crap out of the street between my store and the corner of Second and 23rd. Limited time offer, though! Take it while you can!


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