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A. [Open to housemates] 5724 Cunningham Lane - Kitchen - evening, after dinner, before the Dairy raid was announced
[It's a nice routine, if not somewhat intimidating to outsiders. But it was time for some weapon and gear maintenance. He'd been able to avail himself of some supplies from his place of employment, and it was time to set in to it. He laid a cloth out on the kitchen table and got everything ready. A pair of pistols, a combat knife, oil, rags, brushes, the new boots he'd obtained, and various and sundry other tools of the trade were laid out around him ready for various forms of maintenance. The final detail was setting the creepy drone child to his homework. He really didn't want to go through this with that kid lurking around, anyway.

And with his cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth, he set to work, starting on the pistols.

This, and the ritual shaving of his retirement beard, almost made him feel like his old self again.]

B. [Open to residents] Date night! - Mindfang, backdated - 434 Peepers Street
[Havoc is punctual! And he arrives on her doorstep at precisely 4 o'clock. He hopes she's all he imagines her to be. He wished he could meet beautiful women just by picking up a phone back home. That would have made moving back and forth from Eastern to Central a lot easier. And in the case of one girl in particular, less deadly.

But he pushed that kind of thing out of his mind. He didn't have to worry about that. It was with flowers in hand, and a smile on his face that he knocked on her door.]

C. [Open to residents] Date night! - Chandra, backdated - 1124 Taylor Road
[Just as with Mindfang, Havoc arrives at Chandra's house at the appointed hour. He's a dependable kind of guy, you know. He's also an old-fashioned guy that arrives with flowers all ready for you.]

D. [Open to All!] - Sporting Goods store
[Work has gotten better since he actually had some merchandise to take care of. But it's boring working for someone else when you're used to at least mostly running the place. So with an unlit cigarette hanging out of his mouth, he's helping you get what you need. And possibly trying to help the ladies get a gun if they want one when the boss isn't looking.]


Dec. 12th, 2011 10:10 pm
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Colonel. I'm staying with you. You have a fireplace, right?


Dec. 9th, 2011 12:57 am
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Uh, if this works how it's supposed to, then I guess everyone can hear right? Name's Jean Havoc, and I guess I'm new around here. Wherever here is. Someone want to explain a couple of things to me? One is where some cigarettes can be found, and the other is why we're here.


Dec. 7th, 2011 06:14 pm
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[Havoc wakes up in a strange house, as people do around here. But when he opened his eyes, that was the least of the surprises that waited for him. He first listened, before he moved. He didn't hear anything of note in the immediate vicinity. A ticking clock. A few kids screaming and hollering while playing outside. The low hum of the heater warming the house. His quiet, slow wakeup was interrupted by a racking, early morning smoker's cough.

Once it passed, he twisted his torso to look around the rest of the room. It was nice enough he supposed. But he wasn't where he was supposed to be. A glance out the window told him he was on the second story. Great. It was going to be humiliating to get back downstairs again.

He reached under his pillow for his old sidearm. Old habits die hard. But it was gone. Now he was really disturbed. All of his soldier's instincts were back to him now, full force. You can take the boy out of the army, but not the army out of the boy.

He flicked the covers off of his legs, and then it suddenly hit him. He could tell that the blanket was gone. He ran a hand over the pants of his pajamas and his jaw slacked. He could feel his hand on his legs. His bare feet were cold. He lifted his knees to his chest and the limbs obeyed. He turned and placed his feet on the floor. He braced one arm on the night stand, just in case this went how it usually did in therapy, and he ended up on his face.

But no. His legs were perfectly fine. No atrophy. No stiffness, no pain. No problem. He could feel a thrill of exhilaration well up inside of him. No. Now was not the time. He had to find out what was going on. He glanced around the room, looking for something that could serve as a decent weapon. He rummaged through the room, finally landing on a long wooden shoehorn. It wouldn't last, but it would do for now.

He pressed his back up against the wall alongside the door and opened it a crack. He peeked down the hall through the crack, before opening it a bit more so he could look down the hallway the other way.]
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This journal is now being used at Mayfield. So if any other former DC people are on his flist and are recycling journals like I am, now's the time to kick him off if you haven't already.
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Well, looks like our new crab friends are making for a booming business. Not complaining, but I've probably been a bit stingy of late.

I'll be making better deals from here on out. Call it a sale, if you want. Because I'm not completely heartless.

Stay safe out there, everybody.

Colonel, Lieutenant, I'm moving into the shop. So you won't see me around as much. The boys built me a little bunk in the back corner. So it's fine.
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Okay, calling all young and reckless heroes!

You don't want to go in unarmed, do you? Havoc Sundries has amassed an impressive armory of weapons for your crab-smashing needs. Come by before you go to the park to better your chances!

Come on, guys, I got some fun toys here. Get 'em while the gettin's good.
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Hey, Lieutenant, I've got a message to pass on from Clarence:

He says Hannah's doing better, her flu's almost gone. Ethan is going to surprise her with some chicken soup. Clarence says he hopes he doesn't blow up the kitchen in the meantime. He also says there's some rifles still in Kenny's Pawn Shop over on Odell Park. Unless Ulysses got to them first, anyway. I think I need to crack some skulls around here. Especially Teddy's.

That's all he had to say, but I need a hand with something. Ashley's birthday is coming up, and I want to make sure she's taken care of. I'll be asking Shannon and Hannah what she likes, but I want to know what you think too.

Peter and Orville said they were going to go uptown to see if they can find their old skateboards for the twins, Stella and Seamus. Ishmael and Benjamin say they're going to be following them a block back for when they inevitably get their asses kicked.

Lance and Ethan told Horatio and Oswald about that casserole, and they want to come try it out. And tell you about how Maurice still thinks he has a chance with Ursula after she caught him in bed with Naomi. Colin still doesn't know about that.

Meanwhile, Uma's still waiting for Lance to find her a bike. Umeko's looking for tea, and Saunders is still whining about not wanting to die a virgin.


Why are all of our friends insane? I'd kick 'em, if, y'know, I could. Maybe I should strap a bat to my chair for beating a clue into people.
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So from one smoker to the rest of you; from a guy that goes through two packs a day to the rest of you that don't smoke as much: Anyone got some to share?

And what do you all do for fun around here aside from target practice on those crab things? If there're any gifted ladies looking for some company I'd be happy to oblige.
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Looks like I was just in time for that big party the other day. I'll leave that puzzle for people with a few more brains than I do to figure out. But in the meantime, I have a very important question for the lovely ladies of this city:

Anyone looking for a good time?

Inquire here or in person at Havoc Sundries.

Also I've been able to get my hands on a handful of chainsaws. Special discount if you use them to clear the crap out of the street between my store and the corner of Second and 23rd. Limited time offer, though! Take it while you can!
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Hey, this thing on? If anyone can see this, I really don't know how this thing works, but this isn't how my neighborhood is supposed to look. It's too snowy. Kinda makes it hard for a guys' wheels, you know?

And my smokes are gone too. Anyone got a pack or two to spare? Or five? I go through them pretty quick. I can pay, I think. But my wallet probably went wherever my squares did.

I should probably introduce myself. Name's Jean Havoc, of Havoc Sundries. Assuming my store is still standing, anyway.


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